March 24, 2009

Comment from M.V. 3-8-09: Your Newspaper Column responding to William Lobdell’s article in the OC Register Feb 24, ‘09

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Posting Date: Sunday, March 8, 2009

Posted by:  M.V.
> I just read your Register column about William Lobdell.
> It touches a nerve in me.
> I was raised on the Bible and in the church, poured myself into serving, believed that Christ worked within me, taught the Bible for years, and have “fallen away” like William Lobdell, out of the very tension that your column addresses, but does not answer.
> The exhausting act of “self effort” to stay pure sexually, which you call “self-worship”, indeed led to exhaustion and even collapse.
> This happened in the context of three years of accountability in a sincere Christian recovery group. I gave up, not only on the group, but on any hope in the impossible claims between grace and works. To try to be holy by Christian standards leaves me to “self effort”. To not try leaves me to what Christians call sin, and I am left outside the church.
> How do you reconcile Christian sexual demands on those for whom it seems as impossible as the demand not to eat or drink? How does “grace” apply to those who don’t continue in the path of sexual chastity because they’re too weak or exhausted-from-trying? How does a man “repent” without self-effort?
> I do not see how this can be reconciled, and I don’t see that your column ever expresses that it can. You seem to put out the same Damned-if-you-don’t and equally Damned-if-you-do-and-keep-failing that I embraced for over forty years and then collapsed from almost a decade ago.
> What do you tell a longing lost Christian?

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