June 26, 2009

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Didn’t God have to become flesh as in [Jesus Christ] as a last chance for humans to gain redemption? If he had not, then no one would have been “saved” hence no one to be in God’s image to join him in his kingdom? He says this is a “gift”, but if he didn’t do it, [become flesh and be crucified], then there would have been no atonement for sin. How then, is this a gift? [note: this comment and some to follow are not meant to be critical, but only searching for valid answers?] In the old testament God stated that he regretted ever creating humans when he realized the inherent evil they were. So, he eventually destroyed all humans, save Noah’s family. Even his “chosen” people who he saved from bondage, still do not believe in Christ until this present day. Also, Christians are required to be humble, yet God himself as always “demanded” worship? We should worship him freely, not because he demands us? One other question? Has God allowed satan to fill the earth’s inhabitants with evil all these millenia because of God’s “schedule”? [not to return yet?] Or is satan too powerful to be stopped since the cross? One last observation? I have noticed, [experienced], that the more one allows God complete control of one’s life, the more one will suffer in this world. Also, if he does have full control, doesn’t that render us as “robots”? Where does the free will come in?

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